The childbearing years can be a time filled with confusion, guilt, shame, sadness, anger, and worry. These emotional layers are often difficult to recognize or change; sometimes causing trouble within oneself or within the family. 
At Concord Therapy, the therapeutic relationship is a collaborative one, empowering individuals to recover and sustain a healthy sense of self and well-being after the major life changes of child loss, child bearing, and child rearing.
Counseling may include assistance in identifying the cause of the problem, creating tools for coping, and developing a short and long-term plan for recovery. Please note that Concord Therapy welcomes all families in regards to race, ethnicity, spirituality, sexuality, and gender spectrum.
Dr. Lauren J. Brown, Psy.D.

Dr. Brown is a licensed clinical psychologist and maternal mental health advocate. She counsels individuals on fertility and family planning, pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum health, and work-life balance. 

Dr. Brown has specialized training in the treatment of trauma and reproductive psychology. She has presented at national conferences and to general audiences on the topics of prenatal and postpartum mental health, gender identity, countertransference, and suicide prevention. 

Dr. Brown is Chair of the First Connections Advisory Board in Acton, MA, and Co-chair of Postpartum Support International - Massachusetts. She has written for The Feminist Psychologist and contributed to the Expectful podcast on topics related to motherhood and parenting. She is also the co-creator of YoMa, a yoga workshop for postnatal women.

Founder of Concord Therapy LLC