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“Lauren founded a weekly support group for new working mothers that I’ve participated in for over a year. She is a skillful leader who set a tone from our very first meeting of non-shaming support that is remarkable in a group of women. The group is a safe space where we can share openly with each other our experiences, questions, hopes, and fears about being mothers, wives, and working professionals. Lauren is so clearly an expert in the issues that women deal with every day. She models how to offer compassionate, empathetic support to women in need. I count myself truly fortunate to know her.”     Kate Isaacs, PhD

“Dr. Brown demonstrates a genuine love for her work and serves as a well of compassion and empathy for all those she supports. Dr. Brown's warmth and sensitivity helps her clients to get in touch with their inner experiences and to work through their emotions within a safe and healthy relationship with her. Dr. Brown demonstrates a particular passion and dedication to working with women who are pregnant or mothering. She serves as a source of strength and support while women are learning to navigate new motherhood roles while maintaining balance with selfhood, work, and relationships.” Rachel Stanton, LICSW

“Dr. Brown is an individual who is not only passionate about her work, but who has the determination and expertise to see her clinical passions to fruition. Specializing in a variety of sensitive topics that deserve focused treatment by a trained professional she breaks barriers and helps reduce stigma for individuals and communities. With a gentle but firm approach individuals should feel confident they will be well cared for by Dr. Brown but also pushed to make progress and accomplish their goals.” Kathleen Gravel, LMHC

“Dr. Brown has a clinical style that makes everyone around her, clients and colleagues, feel happier and more understood. Dr. Brown has a way of helping you feel confident in what's most important to you. She never fails in graciously guiding you to feel, and identify your emotions, and then problem solve. She has a wealth of expertise and passion for perinatal mental health issues; any mom or mom to be needs a Dr. Brown!” Jessica Ferreira, LCSW

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Did you know it's common for expecting or recovering parents to experience::
  • Anxiety and panic
  • Depression and sadness
  • Irrational anger and irritability
  • Obsessive thoughts (including harm to one's child or self)
  • Feelings of guilt and shame
  • Emotional numbness and disconnection
  • Insomnia or hypersomnia
  • Relationship conflict
  • Difficulties focusing or completing tasks
  • Stress-related physical symptoms
  • Decrease in work-related performance
  • Not feeling "like my old self"