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The Concord Therapy approach to healing and recovery:

Establishing a feeling of safetytrust, and empathy with clients is an essential part of the treatment process. During the perinatal period, women are exposed to experiences which may induce feelings of confusion, guilt, shame, sadness, anger, and worry. These small or large traumatic experiences can create emotional layers which are often more complex and sometimes harder to recognize.

The process of helping women to find their own voice may include assistance in identifying what is causing the trouble, creating tools for coping, and developing a short and long-term plan for recovery. In taking a trauma-informed approach, the therapy relationship becomes a collaborative one, empowering individuals to be the experts in their own journey.

Concord Therapy offers counseling to individuals who are experiencing or have experienced:

  • Infertility or are undergoing fertility treatments
  • Pregnancy loss and stillbirth, including miscarraige and pre-term labor
  • Challenging pregnancies and difficulties with emotional adjustment
  • Traumatic labor and delivery due to medical/physical complications
  • Postpartum Depression, Postpartum Anxiety, Postpartum OCD, Postpartum PTSD, Postpartum Bipolar Disorder
  • Balancing family life, relationships, and career

Please note that Concord Therapy welcomes all families in regards to race, ethnicity, spirituality, sexuality, and gender spectrum; Dr. Brown has extensive training in multicultural approaches and is in the process of WPATH certification. 

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Did you know it's common for expecting or recovering parents to experience::
  • Anxiety and panic
  • Depression and sadness
  • Irrational anger and irritability
  • Obsessive thoughts (including harm to one's child or self)
  • Feelings of guilt and shame
  • Emotional numbness and disconnection
  • Insomnia or hypersomnia
  • Relationship conflict
  • Difficulties focusing or completing tasks
  • Stress-related physical symptoms
  • Decrease in work-related performance
  • Not feeling "like my old self"